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Resources and Links

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Resources and Links

Health Care Affordable Care Act Insurance

Health Care Affordable Care Act Insurance-Apply for help with paying premiums at this link (you will need to enter my Agent NPN # in order for me to assist you in this process.  Call me to retrieve it. - a Senior Advocacy resource:

Here at, our goal is to help seniors and their caregivers learn more about information related to senior care and retirement. We do not charge a fee to access our website, nor do we plan on selling any products.

Plans in your Area

If you would like to research plans in your area, please click on the link below:

Medicare Enrollment

To check and see when you should enroll into Part A & B, please click the link below which will take you to’s “when should I enroll into Medicare."

Apply for Original Medicare Parts A & B 
Apply for Extra Help with Prescriptions
SSA Forms See Plans & Prices Link
2024 IRMAA
Understanding Extra Help with Prescriptions
Medicare Savings Program Explained & How to apply
ACA Income Limits 2024
National Council on Aging
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